Short-Term Projects


SCBCM15: Forgotten 50 Vision Trip

Nova Scotia, Canada

{Male Only Position}

May 13 - 20

Cost: $900


What would it be like to be on a college campus with little or no gospel access?  The Forgotten 50 are the 50 most unreached college campuses in North America.  All of them are in Canada by the way!  SC BCM has adopted the number 1 and number 3 most unreached campuses on the list to pray for, to support, and to mobilize a gospel witness on those campuses.  Come join with a team of SC BCM students and leaders in a time of discovery, prayer and planning as we seek to explore the needs on these campuses and to find open doors to share the gospel there.  We’ll be doing “on the ground” research, praying for people of peace and asking the Lord to use this trip as a foundation for the planting of a church to reach students on those campuses. 

We are in need of at least 1 student with photography/videography experience for this project.



July 5 - 15

Cost: $1500


The primary focus of this trip will be direct evangelism. We will partner with Macedonian Call Ministries (MCM) and Cuban missionaries to serve a local church in an evangelistic campaign. There is a church planting movement happening in Cuba and we get to be part of that work!  SC BCMissionaries will work side-by-side Cubans going out into the community and sharing Christ. The most recent trip over 500 people responded to the gospel in a five-day period. This trip is intense and requires individuals who are confident in their faith. You will encounter people who have not heard the gospel. You will eat, sleep and live like the Cuban people. It is hot and you will do a lot of walking, but this trip will change your life! 

SCBCM17: Bridge the Globe

North Africa

{Male Only Position}

June 14 - 23

Cost: $2,200

Egypt - Joshua - 4.JPG

Come and share in a cross-cultural experience with a divine purpose.  Your team of SC BCMissionaries will have opportunities to connect with English-speaking students and local hosts in this Middle Eastern Mega city.  Get a taste of the area’s ancient history with a visit to the pyramids, cruise on the Nile and study the language, culture and traditions of the area.  Encourage long term workers in that area by sharing life and faith with people in this ancient country. You’ll plant seeds that we pray will be fruit for eternity.

SCBCM18: Collegiate Outreach

Europe (Netherlands)

June 7 - 17

Cost: $1,700


Imagine impacting college students halfway around the world and not needing an interpreter to do it?! That’s right – God will use your ability to speak English to connect university students with the gospel. Join our short-term SC BCM team as we engage with an English-speaking university to seek out persons of peace and reach a campus that is in need of gospel presence. Engage college students from all over with the gospel through relational evangelism, prayer walking, community outreach, and scripture distribution!

Cost listed includes travel insurance, flight, housing, and meals. it does not include visa fees, passport fees, potential costs of immunizations, and additional baggage fees.

The cost of all BCMIssions experiences have been offset by missions funding from the cooperative program, state bcms, and churches.

bcmissionaries are responsible for the cost listed, plus any additional costs incurred for items listed above.