North American Projects


SCBCM1: Connie Maxwell

Greenwood, SC

this position has been filled!

Grace Flanders (10).jpg

Connie Maxwell provides a home for children and youth who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected, as well as some who have been placed by loving caregivers going through difficult situations. BCMissionaries serve alongside campus church and activities staff all summer - working directly with the children by leading Bible studies, teaching Sunday School and Children’s Church, planning fun activities, as well as helping with trips, recreational activities, and camp experiences. You’ll build personal relationships with the students of the children’s home and share your faith consistently as you love others and share the good news of Jesus.

SCBCM2: Grand Strand Advance Team

Myrtle Beach, SC

May 30 - July 15

Cost: Travel, lodging, and meals provided + $200 honorarium

Myrtle Beach.jpg

The Grand Strand area (surrounding Myrtle Beach) is the fastest growing part of our state and church planting teams are moving to the area in order to reach people for the gospel.  Students will be trained in relational disciplemaking, church planting approaches and missional strategies.  The team of SC BCM students will be discipled and will serve alongside church planters in disaster recovery from the floods, community outreach (i.e. block parties, service ministries, sports ministries, prayerwalks), community research (helping the planters understand needs and opportunities in the area), and assisting the church plants with needs that the students can fill depending on their gifts (audio/visual, music leadership, youth/children’s programming, sports, etc).  It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience of helping birth a new movement of the church in a growing and beautiful area of our state. 

SCBCM3: MissionOne8

Clarkston, GA

this position has been filled!

Missionone8 2017.jpg

Refugees from countries that have been torn by war, genocide, torture, and severe human rights violations come to the Clarkston area of Atlanta, GA. Burma, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Iraq are just a few of the countries represented there. Working with an amazing supervisor, your ministry focus is to be God’s hands and leave His print on the lives of God’s precious children He has been sending to us. BCMissionaries will coordinate weekly mission teams, help plan community events, prepare and deliver care packages to women, go on home visits, help with minor administrative services, and meet and share faith with people from around the world!

SCBCM4: GenSend Denver

Denver, CO

{Male Only Position}

June 1 - July 29

Cost: Travel, lodging, and meals provided

Clemson CO Team.jpg

Serving on a team of up to 12 college students from across the U.S., you’ll summer will have two main components. On Mondays – Thursdays, you’ll be helping Hope in our City, an intentional ministry to refugee families, by providing ministry camps for the children of those refugee families.  An ability to love kids, to have fun and be active with them, while also providing a great role model and Christian witness are pre-requisites for serving in this part of the project.  For the remainder of the week, your team will be working with church planters, assisting them with needs they have in reaching people and sharing the gospel.  It may be doing some outreach in the community, providing help with Sunday services or just serving in Jesus’ name.  You’ll learn how to make relationships and how to share your faith in the context of those relationships. 

SCBCM5: GenSend Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

{Male Only Position}

June 1 - July 29

Cost: Travel, lodging, and meals provided

Puerto Rico - stock image.jpeg

Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017.  The people there are still trying to recover and rebuild.  Join with a team of students from across the U.S. to serve with North American missionaries in compassion and mercy ministries.  A lot of the work will be helping to rebuild homes that were impacted by the storm, but it will also involve loving and serving people and shining the hope of Jesus in a place that has a lot of needs.  You’ll also work with church planters in strengthening churches by using your gifts to help them reach their community for Christ.  Come, take up a hammer and be ready to share the love of Jesus in this beautiful part of the world.

SCBCM6: Mission Arlington

Arlington, TX

this position has been filled!


Mission Arlington is a way of life that works to share the gospel of Jesus through meeting people’s physical needs as well as teaching Bible studies. Mission Arlington serves in over 340 different apartment complexes, mobile home parks, nursing homes, and neighborhoods to have Bible study, after-school programs, ESL classes, and other outreach events to build relationships and share Jesus with families. At the main Mission Arlington office, we help families with food, clothes, housewares, furniture, medical care, and dental care. Your team of students from across the U.S. will have the opportunity to serve with one or more of the apartment churches, teach/lead Bible Studies, assist kids with homework/tutoring, do food give-a-ways, host move nights, and many other activities. When you’re not serving at the apartments, you’ll be helping around the Mission Arlington office. You will help counsel families in need of assistance, work in the food pantry, give out clothes, organize donations, and other day-to-day work.

SCBCM7: Camp Baldwin

Fairbanks, AK

this position has been filled!

Camp Baldwin - Hannah Grace - 5.jpg

Serve as a summer camp counselor in a rural setting in Alaska. You may be chopping wood, leading Bible studies, organizing skits, sharing your faith, playing games, or encouraging kids that need a role model. You and other college students from across the country will disciple and lead youth and children at Camp Baldwin, sponsored by Baptist churches, with VBS and outreach in the local community. Join the adventure—share Jesus with an awesome team and connect kids and youth to the good news of Jesus.

SCBCM8: UW Sports Ministry

Various Locations in U.S.

May 31 - July 27

Cost: $250 will need to be raised prior to service, but you will earn approximately $150-$175 per week; travel, lodging, and meals provided


After training with college students from across the U.S. in Bluffton, SC, you’ll launch out with a team of 5 “coaches” to lead sports ministries across the nation! You’ll lead two evangelistic sports camps each week for 6 weeks. You’ll coach sports—experience in soccer, basketball, cheerleading, ultimate frisbee, or physical education for children are really helpful—and you’ll teach God’s word and lead in high energy, fun worship each day. You’ll be well trained to be able to teach one of these sports that you love and have experience with. This is an amazing ministry to utilize sports as a tool to share the gospel with kids around the United States.

SCBCM19: Reach AK

Anchorage, AK

June 1 - August 1

Cost: $2000; airfare will be provided

Summer Missionaries will work with local churches in Anchorage and Eagle River area. Our desire is to share the Gospel! Our churches need help with VBS, ministering in neighborhood parks and the children need role models. We need you to help us infect our state with the Gospel! Project supervisors and other leaders will be pouring into and meeting with you to make sure you are being nurtured during your time here in Alaska. We will also have small groups that you will be involved in to help you with growth and development over the summer.